Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Brazilian hair treatment verdict

frizz free at the beach
As a follow on to my last blog about fighting the frizz factor, I applied the keratin treatment two days before my departure to the heat of Miami. The application was simple - wash hair with the clarifying shampoo then apply the conditioning treatment, leave for 30 minutes then blow dry section by section.  I have to say having done this now, next time (if I decide to go to the trouble) I will get a hair savvy friend to help.  It was a bit of a chore and I had to shut the door of my bedroom so as not to set off the smoke alarm whilst I was using the hair dryer!! This process was then followed by using straightening irons in small sections to seal the hair and make it sleek. I got the desired effect but my hair felt a little heavy and somewhat greasy although it looked okay. I had to live with it like this for a minimum of 2 days without tying it up and it was a relief when I could finally wash it!

However, after the first wash I have to say that it was definitely smoother and subsequently easier to wash and blowdry. On a trip to the Everglades we were sprayed with water as the driver of our boat did a stunt manoeuvre and my hair stayed pretty much as it was! The wind was also quite strong though so this could have been a contributing factor!

The photo above shows my hair after a swim in the sea and allowing it to dry naturally. The curl was definitely reduced and without fluffiness so I can personally confirm that this product actually works! It is available from most drug stores/pharmacies at a fraction of the price of a salon treatment.

Organix Brazilian hair therapy http://www.organixhair.com/category-title/24

29/12/12   Noticing a month on that a little bit of frizz is returning so at least it served it's purpose and does what it says on the packet!

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