Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dry January? January Blues? .. looking forward to brighter days

Winter sun
January can be so dull and miserable but I choose for it not to be. The daylight may be limited but as each dawn comes, the days get that little bit longer and it's great to look forward to what's possible in the coming months. 

I actually like seasons and the odd day on the couch by the fire watching a good movie on TV is always welcome.

Down here in the south of the country thankfully we have been spared from the cold and rain during the darkest days and only now with the temperatures hovering around zero Celsius does it feel like a real winter. Can't complain as we have had some stunningly beautiful days so far. If I was a pessimist I'd say the worst is still yet to come. Or perhaps that's just the reality ..

Holiday Hound
HQ is in planning mode. As spring approaches the Caribbean beckons again, and another holiday with the girls has just been booked to Ibiza for June! So excited for that one - an island I have never been to will be ticked off the bucket list. Can't wait to plan an adventure that includes the holiday hound too .. he's a big boy now!

So, don't let the January blues bring down February .. appreciate your life while you can - you only have one.