Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Taming of the Frizz

While I was in Barbados I trialled a few products to see if they actually worked on my curly, coloured hair.  I had heard about and been recommended by a friend who runs the Gidore website to try the Philip Kingsley range of products particularly the Swimcap and decided to invest in a tube.  At £18.40 is is not cheap but the results speak for themselves.  I applied it to my hair before heading out each day and I can honestly say my hair felt softer, less frizzy, did not fade (despite the red tones which fade with every wash as a rule) and was easy to style out in the evenings. Before blow drying I used Original Sprout Tahitian Hair Oil, applied to damp hair .. you can also use it on your skin!  It's great for detangling, smells gorgeous, is 100% vegan and doesn't leave an oily residue. I would highly recommend both of these products. Product description for Swimcap as follows ...

Suitable for all hair types. Originally developed by Philip Kingsley at the request of the first US Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team, Swimcap’s formula is both a summer saviour and a must-have for swimmers. Containing UV protection, Swimcap cream protects against the damaging effects of the sun which leads to hair breakage and colour fading, making it a holiday essential for healthy, beautiful hair. It also protects against the drying and damaging effects of both chlorinated and salt water, as well as discoloration from swimming pool water. 
Swimcap deeply conditions your hair as you wear it, leaving it in better condition than before. Finer hair types may worry about the conditioning element but due to its unique formulation it washes out without leaving the hair heavy or greasy. 

I also tried the same brand of shampoo in the Smoothe and Shiny Jet Set Kit for £19.50 which I also loved.  I alternated with the Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argon Shampoo and Conditioner and although I normally love the Kiehl's brand I wasn't overly impressed with it and personally preferred the Philip Kingsly for my hair.  Product description below ...

For coarse, curly or frizzy hair types. Leaves hair soft, shiny, smoother & more manageable. The combination of products in the Smooth & Shiny Jet Set, reduce frizz and add moisture, making styling easier. They also deeply condition the hair, improving its elasticity, tensile strength and texture. These products are approved for airline liquid carry-on.

As for make-up, I would be bare faced during the day with only my Dr Nick Lowe Anti Age Super Charged SP15 Day cream protection liberally applied every day and I'm happy to say I did not have a problem with any sunburn. I did top it up with a factor 55 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock which is not available in the UK but I buy it in the USA in quantity as I'm a big fan of their range of sunscreens. 

After a day in the sun my favourite body cream is most definitely Kiehl's Creme de Corps ..again at £44 for 500ml it's not cheap but a little goes a long way and it really does work when it comes to keeping the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

It's no wonder I'm always just skimming in under the maximum weight allowance when I travel with all these products in tow but a girl has to try to look her best wherever she is in the world!!

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