Friday, 30 November 2012

Beach waves or beach frizz?

You'll know by now that I am off to warmer climes tomorrow and contemplating ways to keep the frizz factor at bay.  I am about to try Organix brazilian keratin therapy ... it boasts that it will reduce up to 95% of curl and eliminates frizz by penetrating the cuticle with keratin proteins and lasts for 30 days. I don't mind the curl, it's the frizz I have the problem with!  I will report back .. the next two weeks will certainly test this claim as I will be getting my hair wet every day in both chlorinated and salt water!  

I always travel with a good hairdryer (I have yet to find a decent one in a hotel) and a set of heat stylers. Both are US voltage as taking UK electricals doesn't cut it. The power just isn't strong enough to tame these locks effectively! 

I'm taking my Moroccan oil as a back up plan!! It's been doing wonders for my hair so whatever the weather I'm going to be prepared!

A few years ago I was in Jamaica (also for a wedding) and the wind was blowing a gale of damp air from the sea and my hair although more of a bob, was a complete nightmare.  Short of having it braided (not going to happen!) it was eventually held in place by placing my sunglasses on my head a la Alice band style.  

This year I think I will go vintage .. and depending of whether this keratin stuff works, it will either be hippy freak or a glamorous 40's victory roll!

See you before Christmas!!

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