Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ibiza Part 3 .. San Antonio and the sunset strip

Do you know the way to ..? (someone sang on the coach) .. but wait we weren't going to San Jose .. it's the famous San Antonio or locally known as Sant Antoni de Portmany .. 20 minutes away from Ibiza Town and home to the largest beach parties at sunset. It has apparently been described by Time Out magazine as "arguably the clubbing capital of the universe". I would not have said that of this time of year but I'm sure during the height of summer the area is banged out and rocking to the sounds of renowned DJ's from all over the world. 

Excursion number 2 aptly named "Sunset Ibiza" collected us in Portinatx ... about an hour later we found ourselves in San Antonio. This bustling little town is located on the west side of the island on a natural harbour.

Before we could explore the area, we were ushered on to a boat in the marina which took us on a cruise around the coastline to the north .. a beautiful, rugged and unspoiled landscape with people lounging on the rocks grabbing the last few rays (undoubtedly to view the sunset too) and with a few beautiful villas nestled into the hills. 

As the sun began to set we sailed out to sea to watch it go down as many have done a thousand times before. It was visually not the best of evenings as there were clouds building on the horizon but as I've said previously, every sunset is subtly different and we still got to view the stunning red, orange, amber and yellow hues. As it dipped below the horizon we were all given a glass (read plastic cup) of Cava to celebrate the end of another day. If only we could appreciate the end of every day in this way .. sunset or not. At this point the spell was broken and the boat turned around and sped back to shore.

We had a couple of hours free afterwards so we went for a walk along the meandering decked promenade to the sunset strip passing the famous clubs like Savannah, Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo. It was great to enjoy the atmosphere and hear the music pumping out that is so synonymous with Ibiza.

Heading back towards the town we found a lovely little alfresco restaurant for a late supper and a glass of vino tinto. At this time of year the evenings can be a little cool but as long as you are dressed for it, eating outdoors is always preferable in my opinion.

Finally it was time to make our way back to the coach .. passing numerous shops and outdoor stalls. Another memorable evening out! If you like plenty of nightlife this is definitely the place to be. 

Coming next .. Ibiza Part 4 .. last but not least the day trip to the beautiful little island of Formentera which lies to the south of Ibiza

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