Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Doing your make up on the go -

I wrote this blog post almost 2 years ago and was reminded of it today as I travelled to work on the tube. I watched yet another young woman apply her make up as she sat there surrounded by commuters. She seemed oblivious to them but I wonder what makes people want to do this in front of complete strangers? Even as a professional I wouldn't dream of it and find it unsettling to have people stare at me while I work, unless of course it's for demonstration purposes.
But if you must ...

Yesterday I was on the Tube and almost directly in front of me was a young woman in the process of applying her make up in the dim energy-saving half light. Hidden behind my sunglasses I discreetly watched as she applied her foundation rather heavily that was at least 3-4 shades darker than her beautiful young flawless skin. If she had blended it along her jawline down to her neck she would not have had a tide line which made her make up look like a mask. I watched as it went from bad to worse.  Lip liner next .. she took it all the way around her lips and went over and over it .. I have to say it was a beautifully drawn line! Then came the lipstick .. paler than the lip line. Bronzer next .. meticulously applied with a kabuki brush all over her face. Yikes .. truly tangoed! Nothing on her eyes, no mascara, no brows .. and the whole deal took her about 15 minutes. I'm glad I didn't have to see her in the cruel light of the sunny day outside!
Even though it's strangely fascinating, I don't particularly want to see people doing their make up on the bus, train and definitely not in the car whilst driving (I have seen it more than once)! Each to their own, but if you can't get up a few minutes earlier it got me thinking about a few tips for applying make up (if you really have to) on the run.
Firstly, it's really important to match your foundation with your skin tone. At least that way if you are in a hurry you're already in with a chance. You can always warm it up afterwards with a little bronzer if it's a darker shade you're after. Only put it on areas the sun would catch your face .. not all over. If you are on a bus or train, sit next to the window so you can get some natural light. 
Try using a cream blush instead of a powder one .. it's easier to blend and no loose dusting of powder to worry about .. remember to be considerate of your fellow commuters too. A friend of mine was showered with loose powder recently much to her annoyance! Use a latex applicator (like the ones that come in compacts) instead of a brush.
Be careful when applying eye make up as sudden jolts, swerves, bumps etc could be a problem. This is particularly true of liquid eyeliner or mascara.  Nothing worse than having to clean up a smudge or worse still poking a mascara wand in your eye!

I'm also horrified at the state of some people's personal make up bags and if it were up to me I would chuck out most of it and start again! Grubby, old and definitely unhygienic! Spring is here so treat yourself to some fresh make up and a new bag! I'm coveting an Anya Hindmarch one (left) - I'd better start saving up!

Be beautiful and wear a smile!

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