Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bronzer ... faking it and dreaming of summer days

I'm sitting here on what should be a beautiful sunny June day and instead it's feeling cold and looking decidedly dodgy outside.  My tan is covered almost entirely in clothing, apart from my face which isn't really tanned at all due to the minimum factor 30 I put on it every day I was in the sun.    Bronzer will do the trick, whether it be just for the day or a longer wearing preparation!!  For my face I love to use Givenchy le prism powder compact in Amber Organza .. it gives a lovely warm glow to the skin .. I brush it on with a Bobbi Brown body brush, picking out the warmer colours of the prism for the cheekbones.  I always have at least a factor 15 moisturizer underneath and if I'm going out a foundation with an SPF too.   My arms and legs tan quite well so I just tend to use a body bronzer on my neck and decolletage area .. my fave is Kiko (make up Milano) essential bronzer in terracotta silky touch.  It's the perfect colour, brushes on beautifully and looks natural.

Of course, it won't be long before my natural tan fades at this rate so I will be slathering on a long wearing fake tan to extend the colour a little longer.  If you prefer a wash off type, try Vita Liberata 24ct silken shimmer.  It washes off (but not in the rain) and is stain resistant.  And don't forget to exfoliate first for best results!!

It's just started raining so this is the perfect window of opportunity to do it.  I will be using Xen-tan Deep Bronze Luxe weekly self tan in Dark.  (Love tanned legs!)

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