Friday, 20 May 2011

Cabo, Mexico hot spot destination

There are no direct flights to Cabo from the UK so my suggestion is to stop over in Los Angeles for a couple of days either side of your trip.  It breaks up that long flight and makes the journey more pleasurable.  The flight to San Jose International from LAX is just over 2 hours.  You will not encounter very many Brits as it is primarily the holiday destination of North Americans .. (which is why you may come across an 'A' list Hollywood celebrity if you go to the right places!) there are no English breakfasts and the food is fabulous and fresh.  
I have stayed in both ends of Cabo .. last year at the Casa Dorada in San Lucas which is right on the edge of the town, close to restaurants and night life and right on the tip of the Baja Peninsula at Lands End and El Arco.  It is also very near to the marina and you will probably see cruise ships entering the harbor on a daily basis.  The rooms (or suites should I say!) at the Casa Dorada are spacious and are really like self contained apartments, with a kitchen, dining area, lounge room and separate bedroom with a large shower and jacuzzi tub - tastefully decorated and well serviced.  The lounge and bedroom have flatscreen TV's and the hotel has free wi-fi.
The famous Edith's Restaurant is just around the corner and a must if you like good food and a great atmosphere.  You are advised to make a reservation well in advance though as it is tough to get in.  It's not cheap but if you're going all that way in the first place it would be a shame to miss it.

San Jose is about 30 minutes drive from San Lucas, up the coast on the Sea of Cortez but is closer to the airport and a much quieter town.  It is very pretty and full of shops selling pottery, textiles and jewellery.  It is an area that is being further developed all along the coastline and growing constantly.
On my recent trip there I stayed at the Grand Mayan, a large resort in area but with only 172 rooms never feels crowded or noisy.  The accommodations are a good size and every room faces the swimming pool and the sea.  It's a 15 minute walk into San Jose and there is also a large supermarket just 20 minutes walk away where you can stock up your fridge and cupboards.  A cab ride to the supermarket is US$5.
It's good to be aware when you arrive at the airport that there are many touts trying to get you to use their services .. it's probably a good idea to sort out transfers to your hotel prior to arriving.  The time share business is huge there too so again there are people trying to give you deals so that you attend one of their presentations.  I attended a presentation last year .. it wasn't all bad and you get a fabulous free breakfast, Mexican blanket and a bottle of tequila for your trouble, plus money off for excursions.  You just sit through it all and say 'no' if that is your choice.
More to come on this one ...

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