Monday, 22 May 2017

Almost time to hit the beach again!

HQ has had a busy month since the trip to Dubai ... it's now only just over a month till the next holiday with the girls to Mykonos island in the Mediterranean Sea.

As a child I travelled to many places with my family but I had no appreciation for it - it was just another place to play as far as I was concerned. It must have made a subliminal impression on me though. As a young adult I yearned to travel and I created a bucket list in my mind of all the places I wanted to go (without the family) and the Greek Islands were high on my list. I have since visited many of them but never Mykonos so I am really excited to finally be going.

The day job has taken up a big chunk of my time and it has flown by. In between it and my few days off, I have been quietly working on a new project specially for the Holiday Queen brand and all will be revealed very soon! I am so thrilled and can't wait to share it with you.

Please check back soon for details and follow my Instagram account @holidayqueenuk or Facebook page Holiday Queen

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