Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A busy summer ahead .. take care of you!

The week ahead
We've had all kinds of weather in the last few weeks .. a taste of real summer a couple of weeks ago (absolutely fabulous) after a seemingly relentless spell of rain and grey skies, the return of the rain again and now a changeable few days ahead again - although not as cold as it has been thankfully!  
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations are now over and what it showed was that the British people carry on regardless of the weather conditions and really know how to enjoy themselves.  Whatever your leanings - republican or royalist - you can't deny that it brought almost everyone together in the spirit of unity and happiness.
Work is going to be crazy busy for me again this summer with all the sporting events that are coming up including the Olympics, so I will try my best to keep the blog going and update you on some new make up and hair products over the next couple of months.
Remember to apply your sun protection even when it looks a bit dull out as those UV rays still manage to get through the clouds and burn you if you're exposed for too long.  As a reminder here is what the elements have done to my garden ornament .. you don't want this to be you!!

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