Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Plans heating up for August!

Shopping in Milan
Summer is in full swing (well kind of) and as August is fast approaching I'm fixing my travel plans already .. I also had some great news today regarding more travel but I'll let you know that all in good time!!  In a few weeks I'm heading to Lugano, Switzerland for a long weekend and throwing in a girls shopping trip to Milan, Italy for the fun of it!  After a few hours pounding the pavements it's so great to sit at a sidewalk cafe with an espresso and later indulging in a glass or two of prosecco before dinner.  By then sadly, the end of the summer season will be in sight but the gorgeous new winter clothing collections will be in the stores.  It's a good time to go and grab those things that sell out quickly or that may never be available in your town. Last year I scored a Max Mara cube coat that I had seen online and coveted .. it wasn't even on display in the store but I asked if they had it and voila! tried on and bought in a nano second!  By the time winter had started it was out of stock everywhere, not to mention more than £200 more expensive in the UK!!!  It was my favorite coat last winter .. and I really needed it with the freezing weather we had!   This year I probably won't be so extravagant but you never know .. depends on what's out there!  But the highlight of my jaunt to Milan is visiting the make up shops .. namely Sephora and Kiko .. I can't wait to see what treasures lie in wait to fill my little shopping basket!

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