Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New Year more travel ..

Colours of Greece
Happy New Year 2017!! .. is it still okay to say that eleven days in? Ten days ago I had nothing booked for this year but spurring myself into action I've managed to get the girls organised for our annual holiday in June. This will be our fifth year of island holidays! It's alarming how fast time flies by. We are going to Elia on the Greek island of Mykonos as we talked about whilst in Ibiza last year, and I'm very excited about it as I've always longed to go there. Flights, accommodation and airport car parking already done!

West Coast Barbados
I've also just booked another two trips away .. I need that warm sunshine on my skin .. Barbados again in March (can't keep me away) and Dubai in April! 

I think that's enough to be going on with for now! I always have my eyes on other destinations but time is limited when it comes to the day job. Then of course there's always long weekends - when I can get the time off!

Scout, the Holiday Hound
Getting these trips booked early is a way of calming my roving spirit. For me it's important to have a focus and to have something to look forward to.
As usual I will keep you updated with anything else that pops up in the interim. 

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