Monday, 16 September 2013

New York .. "just like I pictured it, skyscrapers and everything"

It's a bit of a misconception if you imagine that my recent New York trip was a holiday .. it was over two weeks of full on work (no days off), 12 hours a day minimum and not much down time.  However, as I am the Holiday Queen it is my prerogative to post what I want on my blog and I know some of you are interested in my work so here's a quick run down of my three weeks away.  

All this and more ...
I tagged on a couple of days either side of my job (US Open tennis) firstly to ease myself into the time zone, get organised etc... then a day and a half afterwards to do the same. I got to spend time with my NY 'family' which is always a bonus and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. Also I get to wind down afterwards and carefully pack my kit back into the flight case that would undoubtedly get bashed and thrown about by the baggage handlers. I am pleased to say that I didn't get one breakage either way, so either my packing skills are amazing, or the baggage handlers couldn't actually lift the 30kg weight of my case!!  And that was my small kit!!  I knew pretty much how many people I would be making up so had everything I needed for them plus a little more for any unexpected guests (which they always spring on me!).

Head in the air-con flow
The previous two years of the Open were blighted by hurricane Irene, then a tornado after hurricane Sandy and the joke was that this year we might just get a plague of locusts instead! Be careful what you put out there! The night after we had a major downpour of rain, the studio lights went on for the night session and the flood lights lit the practice courts. Out of nowhere we were then graced with a swarm of seemingly every imaginable insect species which descended upon us at the speed of light!  We were frantically swatting and spraying bug repellent on ourselves and turned the lights down in between on-air segments. I've never seen anything like it. 

The 'A' Team
This year we had our usual team of presenters plus some high calibre guests, the green room/make up room was flooded again, and we had various visitors of the insect/arachnid/four-legged variety, not to mention the high heat, high humidity, perspiration and frizzy hair to contend with but it's all part of my job so it kept me busy and on my toesI'd like to tell you it's a glamorous world but only when it's over do you appreciate your efforts and realise what a great experience it is and I wouldn't change it for anything else!

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