Monday, 20 August 2012

Life is still unwritten

Detail Duomo
Following on from my last brief blog post 'Explore, dream, discover' I saw something on the front of a travel book this weekend in Milan which caught my eye and my mind.  'Life is still unwritten' .. how true.  We just don't know what's around the corner no matter how we plan it.

Danny Boyle wrote in his show program for the Olympic Opening Ceremony "..the idea of Jerusalem - of a better world - the world of true freedom and true equality. A belief that we can build Jerusalem. And it would be for everyone"  Isn't that what we'd strive for if only we thought it possible? We saw a glimpse of it while the games were on .. people just happily getting along regardless of race or religion. It's a shame though that only people with the means to afford it could go .. it would be wonderful for everyone to have experienced that atmosphere.

One of my best friends and I have been going to Milan for a long weekend every August for more than a decade now. We've always invited other friends to go but in the end they would pull out thinking it was little beyond their means, specially when the word 'shopping' came into it .. the guilt factor in full force! Believe me it's so do-able. It's a short flight from London, there are always hotel deals to be had in August .. it's a city break! Our mission has always been to shop for the new season's wardrobe, eat fabulous food and enjoy just being girls together. This year however turned out to be just a little bit different.  

Stylish kid's fashion
Expectations out the window we have come to the realization that although it is great fun to acquire more things to stuff into our wardrobes, the truth is we actually don't need that much.  Maybe it's about getting older or just that we're coming to appreciate that we have more than enough. (Perhaps some of that Olympic spirit has rubbed off on us!) Our experience this year was much more positive, relaxed, more selective and surprisingly more enjoyable. We spent our time talking about life and the things we still want to see and do .. there is still so much out there. For us life is definitely unwritten!  We can create it ourselves and change our minds at any time if we want to!

Don't get me wrong though .. we still shopped and bought and drooled over expensive shoes and make up .. after all life has to go on!! 

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