Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Barbados .. all about the beach!

Amaryllis Beach resort
I have just returned from a fabulous week's vacation on the island of Barbados.  If you've read my past blog posts you'll know I've been there before so I kind of knew what to expect.  This particular week was all about relaxation and recharging flat batteries after weeks of the cold dark winter. One thing you can rely on with the Caribbean is that you are pretty much guaranteed great weather at this time of year - copious amounts of sunshine and consistent temperatures - and virtually no threat of hurricanes. We stayed at the Amaryllis Beach Resort which was lovely but could do with a make over. We were told more than once that it isn't what it used to be. However the staff were great and it's location is perfect - the beach more than makes up for it with it's mature coconut palms giving shade, beauty and atmosphere.
Each day was the same routine .. up early, coffee on the balcony then off to the gym or a walk on the beach before breakfast at the beach side restaurant. Then it was grabbing a lounger and parking it under a palm tree, settling down with the ipod on and a book in hand. Intermittent swimming in the crystal clear warm sea followed by lunch at the beach side cafe and more of the same in the afternoon.  
The sun set around 6pm every evening and graced us with spectacular displays of colour and light over the sea.  A truly blissful way to end a perfect day.

Every night we went out to eat and we were never disappointed.  We went back to our favourite restaurant Champers which overlooks Accra Beach on the south coast. The food is consistently good and the service impeccable.  Another restaurant which I would highly recommend is Daphne's which is on the west coast also located beach side so while you eat you are serenaded by gently rolling waves crashing on to the shore.

The pièce de résistance of the dining experience though was going to The Cliff just down the coast from Daphne's. It's not always easy to get the reservation you want, but if you book well enough in advance you should be able to get your preferred date. The cost per person is BDS$245.00 incl. VAT for a two course meal (starter/main or main/dessert) and BDS$285.00 incl. VAT for a three course meal, and you will be required to leave your credit card details when you book. You need to give them 24 hours notice of cancellation or reduction of numbers or you will be charged! Good to know this as you don't want to get caught out. Everything about The Cliff is fabulous - the cliff top location with crashing waves against the rocks, the food and service are second to none.  A lovely romantic setting which would be ideal for a wedding or special occasion.  Looking over the railings on the night we went, we spotted shoals of barracuda coming in to feed .. they are rather large menacing looking fish, but boy they taste good!!

All in all a fantastic week - sun, sea and seafood and plenty of sleep too .. we've come back ready to take on the next slog of work in preparation for the next one!!

As usual, we flew direct from London Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic.

Next month I will be taking a long weekend break to Marrakech in Morocco .. something quite exotic to look forward to! Excited or what!!

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